Sue Foley

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Meet Sue Foley

Sue loves what she does. She loves working with clients and helping them organize, design and accessorize their lives!

Posh is all about making your life simpler and giving you back time to spend with friends, family and the activities and hobbies you enjoy doing.

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We service the Chicago suburbs from Naperville to Lake Forest
and everything in between.

 Posh Services LLC is a member of the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Sue Foley is co-founder of PAAWW, an organization whose mission is to bring awareness to animal cruelty through hope and recovery, fostering leadership skills, mentoring our growing network and working with rescue partners.

Please visit the PAAWW’s website.

Sue is also a member of and supports several animal rights organizations. She cares deeply for animals and the ethical treatment of all creatures. Sue is good to her word; she has adopted several dogs from shelters and has given them warm and loving homes.